Security Awareness Tips

Your safety and security in every aspect of your life are important to us. Use these tips to help protect yourself, your loved ones and your valuables. We update this page regularly, so check back frequently for new information.

Featured Tips

Back to School - Tips for students, parents and motorists on back to school safety
Campus Safety - Tips for protecting yourself in residence halls, the office, the library and more
Vacation and Travel - Know how to keep yourself safe and your property safe while you're away

Home Security Tips

Disasters and Medical Emergencies

Burglaries - There is more at stake than just your possessions
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - Detection, signs and symptoms for emergency situations
Disaster Planning - Prepare yourself to reduce the risk
Epidemics - Rapid response may not only save your life, but also those you love
Fire Safety - Plan for emergency, practice your plan and prevent fires
Poisoning - Tips on safe storage for household medicines and chemicals

Personal Safety

AEDs - Learn why they are important and how they save lives
Citizens as First Responders - Know how to act as a first responder whether you are trained or not
Flash Mobs - Tips on protecting yourself and knowing the key concerns
Gift Card Scams - Tips on cash substitutes such as gift cards and how to avoid scams
Halloween - Know how to be safe on Halloween night
Hearing Loss - Steps to hearing loss prevention
Medicine Storage and Disposal - More than 71,000 children visit the ED each year due to unintentional overdose 
Pedestrians - Tips on intersections, parking lots, walking at night and more
Personal Safety Resolutions - Include safety in your New Year's resolutions
Personal Theft - Be aware of your surroundings and know what to do during a robbery
Protecting Your Mail - Keep your financial paper trail away from thieves
Public Transportation - Ways to be aware when taking public transit such as trains, subways, buses and more
Repair Scams - Be informed about common home-repair scams and how to spot them
Safety for the Elderly - Educate your elderly relatives and friends on general safety measures
See Something, Say Something - Raise public awareness of indicators of terrorism and terrorism-related crime
Shopping Centers and Malls - How to stay safe when in the parking lot or in the mall
Urban Crimes - Tips on staying safe in your apartment and on the streets

Family and Children

Bicycles - Learn about bicycling as a means of transportation and how to stay safe
Bullying - Know the warning signs of bullying and know how to get help
Charity Scams - Be aware of the scam warning signs from various look-alike charities
Fireworks Safety - Be safe while you celebrate
Lost Child Prevention - Teach your children what to do if they get lost and know the best ways to find them
Playgrounds - How to stay safe on swings, slides, seesaws, monkey bars and more
Service Animal Awareness - Tips on how to interact with service animals when in public places
Spring Preparation Tips - Help adjusting to Daylight Saving Time
Theme Parks - Know how to prepare before you go to the park and how to stay safe at the park
Traveling - Tips for before you leave, while you're away or when you're in the airport


Computer Viruses - Tips on how to protect your computer following basic Internet rules
Internet Safety for Children - Keep your children and teens safe from Internet predators
Mobile Technology - Know how to keep your mobile technologies safe including cell phones and GPS
Password Security - To avoid falling prey to cybercriminals, use these techniques
Phone Scams - Be aware of phone scams and telemarketing fraud
Smartphones - Know the number of risks that go hand-in-hand with smartphones
Social Networking - Keep your guard up so you do not share too much personal information publically
WiFi Scams - Tips on how to use caution online while away from home or in the office

Workplace Safety Tips

Workplace Safety

Chemical Hazards - Maintain a safe working environment, free of hazards
Contractors and Visitors - How to prepare prior to a visit and during a visit
Electrical Safety - Tips on circuit protection, extension cords, inspection and testing
Ergonomics and Proper Posture - Take measures in your work space for your equipment to be more ergonomic
Eye Injury and Strain - Preventative steps to protect your eyes
Health and Safety - How to be safe at work and how to develop a safety plan
Injury Prevention - How to prevent injury in various climates and conditions
Job Safety Analysis - Establish safe work procedures and help prevent injury
Ladder Safety - Ladders are a common cause of workplace injuries  
Lifting, Pushing and Pulling - Know your limits and follow proper techniques
Personal Protective Equipment - PPE instructions for your eyes, face, head, feet and hands
Slips, Trips and Falls - Be aware of the key causes of injuries from slips, trips and falls in the workplace
Space Heaters - Tips on the proper use of space heaters and what precautions should be taken
Work Zone Driving - Expect the unexpected and use caution when driving through a work zone

Workplace Emergencies

Active Shooter - Be prepared, the threat of an active shooter is a possibility anywhere
Epidemics at Work - Guidelines to follow in event event an epidemic occurs
Fires - In the event of a fire, RACE to safety
Handling Bomb Threats - Recognize characteristics of bomb parcels and handle bomb threats
Office Disaster Planning - Know what to include in your plan and how to distribute it
Power Outages - Having a plan in place is paramount, are you prepared?
Suspicious Packages - Ways to identify a suspicious package and what to do if you find one
Viral Outbreaks - Protection and planning for the unexpected, such as Ebola
Workplace Violence - Tips on reducing the risk of workplace violence and warning signs of violence
Workplace Violence Prevention - Plan for training, drills, policies and recovery preparations

Personal Protection at Work

Bullying - Signs of workplace bullying and what employers can do to prevent it
Business Preparedness - Plan for yourself, your data and your inventory during emergencies and disasters
Demonstration Preparedness - Protect your employees when large crowds gather around your property
Employee Theft - Learn more about why employees steal
Flu Season - Tips on preventative measures, vaccinations and pandemic plans
Laptop Theft - Security tips for in the office and for when you travel
Office Creepers - How to recognize an office creeper and how to protect yourself
Office Holiday Celebrations - Tips on decorating without causing injury or damage, and more
Stress - Tips on managing and relieving stress in the workplace
Sweethearting - Learn more about this atypical theft scenario
Trade Secrets - Prevent trade secrets from becoming public knowledge
USB/Flash Drive Security - Security tips for employees and organizations
Working After Hours - Tips for staying safe while you work and when you leave

Other Security Tips

Identity Protection

Debit Card Fraud - How to protect your debit card, statements, PINs, ATMs, online accounts and more
Fraud Prevention - Tips on the prevention and awareness of identity fraud
Freezing Your Credit Report - Protect yourself by shredding documents and check your credit report
Preventing Identity Theft - Don't let yourself become a victim of identity theft


Carjacking - Follow your instincts and react if you feel you are in danger
Mobile Technology While Driving - Multi-tasking is great, but using technology while driving is dangerous
Night Driving - Night driving is a completely different experience, learn how to stay safe
Parking Lots - Tips to keep you and your valuables safe
Vehicle Hazards - Tips on runaway engines, brake failure, skidding, tire blowout and more
Vehicle Security - Prevent theft of your vehicle and your belongings

Weather and Seasonal

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping Tips - Protect yourself on the busiest shopping days of the year
Blizzards - Prepare your home, your family and your vehicle for snowstorms
Daylight Saving Time Ends - Safety check reminders for your home and workplace
Demonstration Preparedness - Protect your employees when large crowds gather around your property
Earthquakes - What to do if indoors, outdoors, in a moving vehicle or trapped
Extreme Cold - Stay safe while preventing frostbite and hypothermia
Flood and Flash Flood - Important actions before, during and after a severe flood
Health and Safety - How to be safe at work and how to develop a safety plan
Holiday Safety Tips - Safety and security tips to keep in mind during the holiday season
Hurricanes - Take advantage of the warning signs and prepare/evacuate accordingly
Icy Conditions - Prepare for slick conditions at home, in your vehicle and while walking
Spring Preparation Tips - Help adjusting to Daylight Saving Time
Summer Heat - How to prevent and treat heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke
Summertime - Tips on insect bites and stings, sun safety and sunburn treatment
Tornadoes - How to handle emergency situations such as tornadoes for various locations
Water - How to stay safe during summer activities such as swimming, diving and boating
Wildfires - Tips on preventing and responding to wildfires
Winter Preparedness - Be prepared for the dangers that come with winter weather

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